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By | August 10, 2018

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cool kitchen
Image by BeverlyHillsPorsches
Beverly Hills Porsche hosted a Hollywood premier-style launch of the all new 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera.

From the moment guests arrived and strolled down the red carpet it was clear this was no ordinary new car debut.

The story of the iconic sports car’s evolution was told through a display of immaculately restored 911s starting with the very first production 911, Jerry Seinfeld’s 1964 "Number One". David Buhain’s 1973 right-hand drive RS was next in the line up followed by the Porsche Parade winning "Grey Ghost", a flawless 1986 930 Turbo owned by Joseph DeMeo. Mark Lever’s rare UN-optioned 1993 911 RS America and Ed O’Neill’s 1997 993 Turbo rounded out the air-cooled era display. Fine examples of the water-cooled 996 and 997 body types were displayed from the Beverly Hills Porsche inventory.

Many thanks goes to the owners of these fine cars for sharing them with us.

The star of the show was of course the 7th generation of the 911, type 991, the all new 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe.

The all new Porsche 911 Carrera is now available at Beverly Hills Porsche! Visit us today at 8425 Wilshire Blvd. We are centrally located to all of Los Angeles!

The AMAZING catering, multimedia, valet parking and planning services were provided by Kitchen 12000.

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20170430 – after yardsale – 5020724-05 – more stuff
cool kitchen
Image by Clio CJS
Game Of Thrones game for Jeremy. Free.

Also, one of the nicest digital picture frames we’ve owned. And we’ve owned about TEN. Samsung always wins!

Game Of Thrones board game, digital picture frame, dragon painting, skeleton hand lights.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

April 30, 2017.

… Read my blog at ClintJCL at
… Read Carolyn’s blog at CarolynCASL at

… Read my yard sale-related blogposts at clintjcl dot wordpress dot com/category/yard-sales/

BACKSTORY: COMMENTS/ANECDOTES: This was a great day for yardsaling! Multiple community yardsales, the Boy Scout flea market, a church rummage sale, this day had it all. We got a lot of stuff. 3 car-loads! A Russian Cyrillic typewriter. We actually made it through the entire route, surprisingly. We had talked about maybe skipping a section in the middle, but then we went ahead and continued on. Then later, we were like, "Damn, we should have skipped that stuff in the middle, but then we wouldn’t have gotten the stripper pole." Trade-offs! Our two goals were met though: we were specifically looking for floor lamps and power strips. By the way, Trump voters price stuff ridiculously.

SUMMARY: Got up around 7:05AM, made it out driving from McDonald’s by 7:48 and went out until 2:39PM for a total of 6 hours. Spent 4.24 plus ~.03 gas for 58.1 miles of driving (28.7 mpg @ .49/G), for a total cost of 9.27. We drove to 48 yard sales, stopping at 18 (38%) of them. We made 65 purchases (115 items not including the power blocks) for a total estimated value of ,207.61, leading to a profit/savings of ,038.34. So in essence, we multiplied our 9.27 investment by 6.13X. (Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn ,183 on the job, pre-tax, in order to take home the ,038.34 in cash that we saved. How long does ,038 of disposable income take to earn, vs the 6 hrs we spent here?) Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* "wage" of 3.06/hr as a couple or .53/hr per person.


* .00: camping stove, Coleman, two burners, 5430B700 (EV:$42.41)

* .00: canopy, instant pop-up, Quik Shade, unsure of size, but it is probably around 8×8′. (EV:$49.99). Bought off the guy’s back because it was his that he was using for his spot at the flea market, but he didn’t have it up and had it in with his stuff as if it was for sale. When we asked how much, he said he’d sell it to us for .

* .00: Spencer’s Light Up "Dance" Pole. Come on, Spencer’s, we know that’s a stripper pole. (EV:$138.95)

* .00: digital picture frame, 10", Samsung, SPF-107H (EV:$16.22)

* .00: cage, kennel, large dog, 49x21x33" (EV:$66.49)

* .00: pet carrier, Pet Gear, black, backpack, extending handle, 12×19 cage, 36" from floor with handle extended (EV:$52.49)

* .00: fan, Lasko, Cyclone, 21x23x7", adjustable, missing the remote (EV:.10 price tag)

* .00: Russian Cyrillic typewriter. (EV:$65.00) For Svetlana.

* .00: propane, camping stove (5), 14.1 oz, BernzOmatic (3), Primus (2) (EV:.75 based on .95 price tag)

* .00: light, twin disco ball, Spencer’s (EV:$35.00)

* .00: copper etching, Gin Lane, 11.5×10 (EV:$34.00) This is a companion piece to another art piece, Beer Street. This site is selling the pair of copperplate engravings for ,250!

* .00: power strip, 6 3-prong outlets, white, SPF-107H (EV:$3.24)

* .00: can opener, Cuisinart, black, CCO-50 (EV:$19.99)

* .00: lamp, floor, built-in 3-level shelf (EV:$74.95)

* .00: lamp, floor, halogen, green (EV:$47.96)

* .00: lamp, floor, silver (EV:$16.27)

* .00: rake, metal, 16" tines (EV:$7.61)

* .00: dish drainer, white, 17.5x13x5.5" (EV:$3.43)

* .00: decanter, barrel, tiki style, including stand & 5 cups (missing 1 cup) (EV:$19.98). It’s close to this one, and it’s even missing one of the cups, but this link doesn’t say how much they sold it for.

* .00: popsicle molds, Flambeau, bear head tops (6) 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 9.5" including top, 7.5" without top (EV:$1.86)

* .00: suitcase, black, rolling, 4 pockets, 14.5×7.5×21" (EV:$15.00)

* .00: organizer, plastic, black, 2 drawers, flip top. 8.25×6.5×6.5 (EV:$5.42)

* .00: picture frame, school bus, School Days, 14.625×6.875" (EV:$7.95)

* .00: purse, black, 6 pockets, 9.5×8" (EV:$7.48). Also had some ChuckECheese tickets inside.

* .00: suitcase, purple, rolling, 4 pockets, 11x17x27" (EV:$12.29)

* .50: easel, chalk board & whiteboard, 47×24.5×11" (EV:$30.34)

* .00: umbrella, 37" (EV:$9.99)

* .00: action figure, Sin City, Rosario Dawson 7×1.25", 7 movable joints (EV:$19.60)

* .00: bracelet, arm band, gold (EV:$~2)

* .50: slinky, rainbow, big, 5.25" (EV:$13.62)

* .50: glitter, silver, 1lb, BGLT-002(EV:$11.49)

* .50: extension cord, white (EV:$0.99)

* .50: charger cord, micro USB (EV:$0.52)

* .50: apple corer (EV:$0.49)

* .34: timer, Intermatic Time-All, heavy duty, model no TN311 (EV:$7.72). Bought at the church rummage sale that was for each item, but then we got 1/2 off and the checkout girl gave us 6 items for .

* .34: extension cord with 3 female outlets on end, green, 2′ (EV:$8.36). Bought at the church rummage sale that was for each item, but then we got 1/2 off and the checkout girl gave us 6 items for .

* .33: power strip, 6-outlet, white, BB-05 (EV:$3.24). Bought at the church rummage sale that was for each item, but then we got 1/2 off and the checkout girl gave us 6 items for .

* .33: extension cord with 3 outlets on end, black (EV:$9.45). Bought at the church rummage sale that was for each item, but then we got 1/2 off and the checkout girl gave us 6 items for .

* .33: dust buster, Black & Decker 2.4v V2410 (EV:$15.88). Bought at the church rummage sale that was for each item, but then we got 1/2 off and the checkout girl gave us 6 items for .

* .33: fan, 6", model 3146, 73037782 (EV:.00 because it was dead). Bought at the church rummage sale that was for each item, but then we got 1/2 off and the checkout girl gave us 6 items for .

* .33: action figures, X-Men Evolution, Wolverine 4×2.125", (EV:$7.84)

* .33: action figures, X-Men Evolution, Nightcrawler 4×3" (EV:$3.99)

* .33: action figures, X-Men Evolution, Rogue 4×2.25" (EV:$7.84)

* .25: french fry cutter (EV:$0.20)

* .25: small fork, 2 tines, silver metal & pinkplastic handle, 9" (EV:$0.99)

* .25: picture, framed, Dragon, 6.125×6.125" (EV:$~3.00)

* .25: talon, finger, 4" (EV:$2.79)

* .25: shirt, Simpsons, Ralph, "I Dress Myself", red (EV:$6.57)

* $FREE: game, board game, Game Of Thrones, 2nd edition,, ISBN: 978-1-58994-720-7, barcode 9781589947207 (EV:$56.67)

* $FREE: grill, charcoal, Weber, 14" high, 15" diameter (EV:$29.99)

* $FREE: lights, skeleton hands, 14′, item 95036 (EV:$unknown, but we’ll say $~10.00)

* $FREE: tape measure, toy, red, The Eagle School, The Big Tape, 7.375×5.25" (EV:$13.98)

* $FREE: microscope, black, 8" (EV:$11.29)

* $FREE: dolly, luggage or beer cooler, 41.5" high with handle extended (EV:$21.99)

* $FREE: metal basket shelf, 18x12x18", 1st basket 6", 2nd basket 2.5" (EV:$24.99). Ours is not exactly like this, but this is the closet I could find.

* $FREE: Child’s puzzle toy, magnets (EV:$~5.00)

* $FREE: meeting amplifier, Apollo PA-5400, Sanha (EV:$9.99)

* $FREE: recorder instrument, cream-colored (EV:$4.99)

* $FREE: swiss army knife toy (EV:$2.00)

* $FREE: Reboot Toy, Micro Playset, Megabyte’s Tor, Irwin Toys, 1995, 4x6x3", face opens up to lair inside, missing the people. (EV:$8.92)

* $FREE: Reboot Toy, Micro Playset, Hexadecimal’s Lair, Irwin Toys, 1995, 6x7x3", face opens up to lair inside, missing the people, and the additional faces. (EV:$12.92)

* $FREE: car charger, phone, Nokia, AT&T (EV:$5.50)

* $FREE: box of miscellaneous power blocks (EV:.00)

* $FREE: dice, Dungeons & Dragons, including nice pouch, blue metallic finish (EV:$3.75)

* $FREE: basket, 10x7x2.5", full of miscellaneous magnets (37) and other stuff including 3" plastic peace sign necklace, purple, 2.125" West Virginia rainbow button (EV:$~3.00)

* $FREE: pencil sharpener, Dahle 122 (EV:$17.09)

* $FREE: hats, straw, cowboy (7) (EV:$9.80)

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