Nice Clean Kitchen photos

By | August 7, 2018

Check out these clean kitchen images:

Clean sleepy dog
clean kitchen
Image by Photo Phiend
Jaala had a bath today and then a good walk to the park to dry off. And then we grilled and had a bunch to clean up in the kitchen… wears a girl out!

Benni Girl, VIP
clean kitchen
Image by Bennilover
"No, not Very Important Person" as I’m obviously a dog. This stands for Very Important Protector! Don has disappeared and so I’m protecting Mom while he’s gone. I chased away the UPS guy yesterday, a tree trimmer we don’t want, and my favorite job is guardian in the kitchen.

Mom was cutting up chicken for a curry and I stood very close to be sure she didn’t cut herself with that huge knife. Also, when she dropped pieces of chicken on the floor I cleaned them up so no one would slip.

I bark my head off if anyone comes to the door and strangely enough, people just hurry away. If it’s a friend, I do a different bark and jump up and down. Very Valuable Benni could be an alternative name for me."

by Benni Girl

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