Nice Clean Kitchen photos

By | August 9, 2018

Check out these clean kitchen images:

Clear Edge Medium 1.1L (Starmaid)
clean kitchen
Image by Starmaid Products
Clear Edge Medium 1.1L by Starmaid – Clear Edge – is perfect for keeping the Kitchen clean & tidy – Find more useful Australian Made Plastic Storage Containers & Products at –

clean kitchen
Image by Jasmic
My wife showing how clever she is, tiling our kitchen windowsill.

We have waited for the best part of four years to get a professional in to tile our kitchen. But, after all the problems we have had with our current batch of builders, we decided to do it ourself. The end result was to wonder why we waited so long, my wife did a fantastic job. It did help that we had the kit of a professional tiler to ‘borrow’ when he had gone home, (like his electric disc cutter and self levelling laser spirit level) and his free advice too, (such as using that wooden baton as a levelling device.)

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