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By | August 4, 2018

Some cool modern kitchen design images:

09a 11 Chester Pl – Mrs Artemisia Vermillion Residence (E)
modern kitchen design
Image by Kansas Sebastian
National Register Historic District Approved

Mrs. Artemisia S Vermillion Residence
11 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA
Hunt and Eager, 1905

This house designed by Sumner P Hunt and Abraham Wesley Eager was described in a 07/06/02 LA Times article as a composite with "Elizabethan" features. A later article called it "Old English." Like so many turn-of-the-century homes in Los Angeles, this residence bridges the gap between Victorian and Craftsman — a "thoughougly modern" indiginous style for which there is no name yet. The red tile roof, stone base, stucco walls, wood trim, and gothic touches are, in truth, a mash-up. If the architects meant it to be Elizabethan, then that’s what it is.

Unfortunately, the house now serves as the campus cafeteria. The elegant public rooms (the enamaled and gold reception room, living room and library) have been stripped and now serve as dining rooms. The dining room, breakfast room, and kitchens are now the cantina. All that remains of it’s elegance is a beautiful oak-panelled reception hall.

Mrs. Artemisia Vermillion is less well known than the architects, with her name being spelled alternately with one "l" (Vermilion) or two (Vermillion). She was a close friend of the Doheny’s, bowling with them often at their private bowling alley in the Wig Wam behind their mansion. Aside from articles in the society pages and many contributions to various charities, little is known.

Paragon Properties / Northville Woods
modern kitchen design
Image by Paragon Apartments
Paragon Properties / Northville Woods / Exterior / 18800 Innsbrook Drive
Northville, MI

Paragon Properties / Twin Arbors
modern kitchen design
Image by Paragon Apartments
Paragon Properties / Twin Arbors / Model / 39670 Greenview Place
Plymouth, MI 48170

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